The Threat of ISIS in Tunisia

September 11, 2019

Since 2011, Tunisia has been widely recognized as the Arab Spring’s only success story. But the North African state's political transition faces grave threats.

Securing Europe Under President Trump

December 07, 2016

Donald Trump could prove to be the most significant disturbance to the fight against terrorism. Despite the shock, regret and the thinly veiled hope from the Democrats that the result of the US presidential election may still somehow be overturned, Donald J. Trump is about to become the 45th...

The World This Week: War in Syria is a Never-Ending Tragedy

September 25, 2016

The Syrian Civil War will continue because of protracted repression, rising sectarianism, the collapse of Iraq, extensive foreign interference and a tortured past. On September 25, Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations (UN), declared with much passion, “what Russia is...