Does Iran Pose a Threat to the Horn of Africa?

September 23, 2020

Ever since 1979, Iran has pursued its interests in the Horn of Africa. To Tehran, this volatile and impoverished part of Africa has represented a region where it could gain strategic depth and undermine agendas of countries seeking to weaken and isolate the Islamic Republic.

Lessons in Refugee Hospitality From the Horn of Africa

October 26, 2015

Although Africa is familiar with large-scale refugee crises, it is uncommon for it to host people seeking protection from outside the continent, as is the case with thousands of Yemeni refugees. The unique response of the Horn of Africa region to Yemeni refugees could offer lessons to countries...

Understanding Somali Piracy on Land and Sea

July 29, 2013

The root causes of piracy must be understood and addressed if progress is to be lasting. By Awet Weldemichael and Abdisalam Hassan Since its explosion in 2007, piracy has become another reason for the negative news coverage Somalia has been receiving the past two decades. However, this year...

Global Piracy: Just a Seaborne Scourge or a Bigger Malady?

April 07, 2013

Maritime Piracy is bleeding the global economy and fostering political instability on the eastern and western shores of Africa more gravely than we realise. Re-emergence of maritime piracy, one of the world’s oldest crimes, in the past decade has grown into a serious global security concern...