What Does Hamas Get From Russia?

July 30, 2020

Russia’s power in the Middle East is a reality that Arab actors cannot ignore, especially since Moscow’s military intervention in Syria intensified in 2015.

Solutions to the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Can Only Succeed if Occupation Ends

November 22, 2018

In the present situation, any solution deemed sustainable in science cannot be truly sustainable in the Gaza Strip, or even in Palestine. This past spring, I was sitting in one of the environmental policy and public health classes of my graduate studies program, and the topic of discussion was...

Regional Players Make Moves on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

August 27, 2018

Regional players in the Middle East are looking for the next Palestinian leader in a bid to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A possible long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is proving to be much more than an effort to end escalating violence that threatens to spark yet another war...

Three Scenarios that Could Shape the Gaza Strip’s Uncertain Future

July 03, 2018

While the world is paying more attention to Gaza, the intra-Palestinian divide is worsening the humanitarian crisis in the Strip. Two major developments that recently took place in the Gaza Strip are shaping the current situation and future of the coastal enclave. The first development was the...

A Game of Thrones for the Palestinian Authority

President Mahmoud Abbas seems to be on his way out as the leader of the Palestinian Authority. Who will take his place?  Palestinian politics today is undergoing a change as President Mahmoud Abbas’ health condition deteriorates. With no clear heir to ensure a landslide victory, the question...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: The NYT Forgot this “Narrative”

May 21, 2018

A narrator in The New York Times abuses the notion of narrative when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When The New York Times observes contemporary history unfolding, it uses its reputation as a “newspaper of record” to demonstrate its philosophical hauteur. Describing the...

Just for a Second, Imagine Living in Gaza

May 19, 2018

This is why Palestinians marched to the border of Gaza and Israel, says Omar Shaban in Gaza City. On March 30, tens of thousands of Palestinians headed toward the Gaza-Israel border in what became known as the Great Return March. The reason for this was not the decision to move the US Embassy to...

From Gaza to Jerusalem: The Ground Is Shaking

May 18, 2018

There is absolutely no justification for the current policy being used on the Gaza border. Here in Israel/Palestine, we have just lived through some of the most dramatic days in recent memory. The calendar said it all: May 12 was the deadline for President Donald Trump to declare whether the...

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is So Predictable

May 17, 2018

All too predictable violence has again broken out between the Israelis and Palestinians, but this time with no mediator and, therefore, no possible good end for either side. Their conflict is so familiar, so predictable. The Book of Ecclesiastes sums it up prophetically: “The thing that hath...

Israeli Allies Are Propping Up a Brutal Occupier

May 16, 2018

The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem unleashed Israel's violence, and states like the UK standing idly by are complicit. On May 14, newspapers around the world contrasted the seeming calm of self-asserting peace as the US opened its new embassy along the Armistice Line that divides East...

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