Free Speech and Cancel Culture in America

March 04, 2021

When Free Speech Becomes Hate Speech

July 30, 2019

As the recent furor surrounding British comedian Jo Brand’s comments on the BBC Radio 4 Heresy program attest, there is very little clarity about what does — and, importantly, what does not — constitute hate speech. In what was clearly a joke, Brand asked why anyone would bother throwing a...

8chan: Where the Appalling Becomes Appealing

July 18, 2019

8chan is one of the most notorious message boards on the internet. Its contents include subjects ranging from extremist political ideas to extreme pornography. Unsurprisingly, it stands by the slogan “Embrace Infamy.” Visitors receive an equally intriguing salutation: “Welcome to 8chan, the...

Bangladesh Prevents Freedom of Opinion

August 06, 2018

In Bangladesh and a few other places, your opinion may not only unwelcome but also punishable by law. On August 5, the Bangladeshi government arrested Shahidul Alam, an award-winning photographer and a contributor at Fair Observer. Alam was charged under the International Communication and...