Moderates May Be Extremists

December 18, 2019

One of Fair Observer’s featured articles this week is a piece by Neil Kapoor, a high school student with a definite talent for journalism. Analyzing the data available concerning US elections, he has delivered a persuasive, though not an entirely convincing argument in favor of the idea that...

The NY Times Feels Democratic Donors’ Unease

October 28, 2019

The New York Times is serious about playing its crucial role in putting the Democrats back on track after so much recent disappointment. Hillary Clinton’s otherwise inexplicable failure to be crowned in 2016 led to the newspaper’s firm commitment over two years to pushing the Russiagate...

Joe Biden Goes Double Negative

October 18, 2019

In the latest debate between candidates for the Democratic presidential primary, former Vice President Joe Biden, who only recently lost his front-runner status to Senator Elizabeth Warren, made the following emotional appeal to the audience in his final statement: “We are better positioned than...

The Facts Behind the Democratic Debate

October 17, 2019

The fourth debate for the Democratic presidential primaries took place on October 15. In this video by The Washington Post, the facts behind the claims made candidates are explained.

Centrist Democrats Fear a Showdown on Impeachment

September 18, 2019

As the Democrats cheer themselves on for their noble combat against US President Donald Trump and appear to believe, unanimously, that their sacred mission consists of nothing other than removing him from office and restoring the natural order of a system that works best when presidents don’t...

The Party’s Over, But the Democrats Are Dying for a Last Drink

August 16, 2019

Business Insider attempts to make sense of the deep divide within the Democratic Party in the US that leaves those who identify as Democrats in a major metaphysical quandary, wondering not just about their identity but whether they have a claim to exist. In so doing, it demonstrates a problem...

Democrats Remain Adrift Without a Vision or a Leader

July 25, 2019

Trying to make sense of the US presidential election that is still well over a year away is a challenging task. So much makes no sense at all. The easiest example of this is trying to figure out why undereducated and underpaid rural white Americans flock to Trump, an overeducated yet ignorant...

The Democrats Focus on Electability

June 18, 2019

As Joe Biden takes over the role played by Hillary Clinton four years ago, the Democrats and the media, encouraged by polls that show him handily beating Trump, join the remake. But Trump hasn’t lost yet. The US presidential election is nearly a year and a half away, which of course means the...

Reparations Cannot Repair the Irreparable

March 04, 2019

Establishment Democrats are busy marketing “reparations” to repair the damage they keep doing to their own image. The Daily Devil’s Dictionary reports. With the US presidential election “only” 20 months away, the already declared Democratic candidates have begun evoking the key issues....

The Democrats Are in a State of Disunion

February 11, 2019

From the opening curtain of the Democratic presidential primaries for 2020, the drama is already focused on whom the party establishment will manage to exclude. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” In 1858, Republican senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln appropriately borrowed the...

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