The Debate Over COVID-19 Continues in Austria

November 27, 2021

At first, I was curious when I saw an article on Fair Observer by Ahmed Khalifa titled, “Austria’s COVID-19 Measures Have Gone Too Far.” After all, Austria is the country I currently live in, and my initial reaction to the announcement of another nationwide lockdown caused something of an...

Austria’s COVID-19 Measures Have Gone Too Far

November 22, 2021

On Friday, news broke about a nationwide lockdown in Austria, which comes into effect on November 22. This was coupled with a government decision to make getting vaccinated against COVID-19 a legal requirement by February 2022. The result was a flood of demonstrators descending onto the streets of...

The Vaccine Pushback Is Bad, But Wait for the Climate One

November 19, 2021

I’ve only had to show my vaccination card a couple times — to eat in a restaurant in New York City, to see a play in Washington, DC. I was happy to do so. Once inside, I was relieved to be among the vaccinated. Most Americans have gotten vaccinated because they simply want protection from...

The Autocratic Side-Effects of the Pandemic

The Vaccination Strategy of Serbia

Merck’s Gesture to Save Humanity

October 19, 2021

The media announced last week what appears to be a major breakthrough in pandemic news. It could be a turning point in the history of a pandemic that will soon celebrate its second birthday. “In the not-too-distant future,” according to MarketWatch, “you may be able to walk into a doctor’s...

School’s Out: The Pandemic and Education

September 21, 2020

When COVID-19 and Hurricanes Collide

August 07, 2020

It is hard to think of impending natural hazard-related disasters in the middle of a global pandemic. But it is absolutely essential that policymakers do so. This year, due in part to climate change, scientists predict one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record. In fact, nine...

Yemen Could Be Hit Hard by the Coronavirus

July 13, 2020

Governments worldwide have faced unprecedented challenges in trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. War-torn Yemen, which had its first reported coronavirus case on April 10, will have an extremely difficult experience while addressing the pathogen.

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