The World This Week: Climate Change Matters and So Do Other Species

October 30, 2016

Human beings can tackle climate change and save other species only if they realize that markets have limits and the purpose of life cannot be mere consumption. Lost amidst headlines this week was an alarming bit of news. The Living Planet Report 2016 tells us that there has been an overall...

Youth Are Finding Solutions to Climate Change

December 04, 2015

The youth will feel the full force of climate change. The time to change that is now. The fourth day of the Conference of Parties (COP) 21 in Paris was dubbed “Youth and Future Generations.” Speaking at a press conference on December 3, Ahmad Alhendawi, youth envoy for the United Nations...

Climate Change: A Clear and Present Danger

December 02, 2015

Climate change is heating the planet, endangering the lives of billions of human beings and threatening the survival of other species. Background Most dictionaries define climate as the generally prevailing weather conditions of a region—as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation,...

What Do Past Patterns of Climate Change Tell Us?