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Voices of EURO 2012 – Souvenir Shop Owner in Kiev

Sergeij: “The whole country is glad about the European Football Championship. This is an important step, specifically in terms of the negotiations regarding the accession to the EU. We can show that we are able to host such an event. And believe me: We can handle this definitively. We survived the breakdown of the Soviet Union; we will also survive EURO 2012. I am quite optimistic: Restaurants, hotels and also roads will be finished before the starting match in Warsaw on June 8th, 2012. But, to tell the truth, people do not think about that right now. The initiative to build the stadium didn’t come from the people but from the government and UEFA. Right now we are happy, of course, that we are a venue besides Poland and we will make the very best out of it.”

Anatolij: “I am not as optimistic as my neighbor is. I don’t believe that EURO will change anything permanently. Yes, some new stadia are being built right now. But why didn’t this happen before this event? In Germany and Great Britain people built stadia even though there is no concrete occasion to do so. Why isn’t it like that in Ukraine? Of course, for us souvenir shop owners it is an important event because we will have more tourists in June 2012. But after one month the spook will be over. I consider how much interest we will be paying for our debts then.”