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Fair Observer Monthly is a chance for you to sit down, look back and think about the month past. A month lasts 28 to 31 days, a suitably appropriate time to take stock of the world. We publish daily on our website and we select some of our best articles every month in our e-magazine. We will give you context and multiple perspectives on issues that matter. We will inform and educate you. Fair Observer Monthly does what we promise: make sense of the world.

As ever, the issues we face are important and complex. As with previous years, Make Sense of 2023 provides you with a plurality of perspectives on world issues. It has some of our best articles of the year from authors who cut across borders, backgrounds and beliefs.

In this edition, we shine a light on a wide range of issues with authors from around the world. From international relations to economics, science, culture and religion, our pieces take various forms. In a year when the Russia-Ukraine War raged on, Hamas launched gruesome terrorist attacks and Israel declared war in response, this ebook brings together perspectives from many prisms and makes sense of our seemingly crazy world.

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British Genocide in Kenya: Time for a Reckoning– Mehdi Alavi

Morocco Make up Causes Spain Economic Loss in Algeria– Youssef Igrouane

The Tigray War Was Tragic, Can Peace Prevail Now?– Martin Plaut

Sudan Is on the Brink of a New Catastrophe– Martin Plaut


Sending Blinken to China Won’t Interrupt the Slide Toward War– William H. Overholt

Will Democracy Survive the Rise of China?– Reza Parchizadeh

What You Need to Know About Taiwan and Semiconductors– Atul Singh

Japan’s New LDP Scandal Is Unlikely to Change Much– Atul Singh


The Tremendous Legacy of the Late Jacques Delors– Nathalie Barthes

A Full View of Britain and Ireland a Century Ago– John Bruton

France Grapples With the Painful Legacy Of Marshal Pétain– John Bruton

Must Spain Cobble Together Another Frankenstein Government?– Josep M. Colomer

The Truth about Western Values in Bosnia and Herzegovina– Davor Džalto

A Secure Eastern Border Depends on the Stability of NATO Member States– Cristian Gherasim

Late Cardinal Pell Wrong, Pope Francis Plans New Future– Gary Grappo

Finland’s New Laws to Boost Security Erode Rule of Law– Joy Hyvarinen

Hostile Information Campaigns, Democracy and Free Expression in Finland– Joy Hyvarinen

Ukrainian Refugees in Pro-Russian Transnistria Come to Moldova for Help– Tiina Kaukvere, Marian Männi

Robert Fico Returns: Will Slovakia Become the New Hungary?– Daniel Martinek, Peter Techet

Why Putin — Battered, Not Broken — Retains Power for Now– Marko Mocevic

Benedict XVI’s Death Ends Rare Era: Pope Francis Now In-Charge– Vas Shenoy

Is the German Economy Now Destined to Decline?– Atul Singh

Elective Dictatorship: The Plot by Britain’s Radical Conservatives– Alan Waring, John Broadway


Milei Or Massa: Who Was the Best Choice for Argentina?– Helder Ferreira do Vale

Sanctions and Internet Access Will Fail to Promote Regime Change– Ted McCarthy

The Secrets Behind Brazil’s Military and the January 8 Insurrection– Karin Schmalz

Who Will Win Argentina’s Presidency After 28 Years of Peronism?– Leonardo Vivas


A First-Hand Look at Arba’een, the World’s Largest Annual Pilgrimage– Mehdi Alavi

Why Do You Need to Know About Mohammad Mosaddegh?– Mehdi Alavi, Atul Singh

Sports Fans Say Qatar Has Now Politicized the World Cup– Ellis Cashmore, Jamie Cleland, Kevin Dixon

Is There a US–Iran “Non-Agreement”?– Gary Grappo

How the New Israel-Hamas War Threatens the Middle East– Gary Grappo

A Timely Analysis: The Foreign Policy Trends of Muslim-Majority States– Emir Hadzikadunic

Defeating Hamas Is a Challenge Israel Cannot Overcome– Emir Hadzikadunic

The Bottom Line: Kemalism Just Won’t Win– Nathaniel Handy

This Is Why Turkey Won’t Make It Into the EU– Nathaniel Handy

Iran Has History of Persecuting Minorities: Might This Change Now?– Ramyar Hassani

Democracy is Now Dangerously Fracturing in Lebanon– Steven Howard

Should Israel Make Full Use of its Powerful Military, or Is the Cost Too High?– Josef Olmert

Kurdish Autonomy Can Boost Peace in the Middle East– Halmat Palani

Pluralism Is the Only Way Forward for Iranian Democracy– Halmat Palani

Iran’s Mahsa Revolution One Year On– Reza Parchizadeh

How Azerbaijan Found Victory, and Armenia Defeat, in Nagorno-Karabakh– Atul Singh, Anton Schauble

Make Sense of Israel’s New Tumultuous Judicial Reform– Atul Singh, Glenn Carle

The Truth About the Insidious Government Corruption in Iraq– Shermeen Yousif


India Is Growing Confident in Its New Role as a Powerful Nation– Glenn Carle

From Upstart to Start-Up Nation, Israel at 75 Faces New Challenges– Gary Grappo

India’s Replacement Theory Is About Money, Not Race– Peter Isackson

Bangladesh Unveils its New Indo-Pacific Outlook– Sadia Korobi

India Boldly Asserts Independence with New Technology– Wes Kussmaul

Caste and Party: A Volatile Mix in Karnataka– Shishira Maiya

The Great Omission: Why Don’t Indians Talk About Africa?– Nishita Malhan

India’s G20 Presidency Is the Dawn of New Multilateralism– Narendra Modi

Indigenous People in Bangladesh Suffer as Government Drags Feet– Saleem Samad

No Justice for Victims Under Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister– Saleem Samad

Were 30 Years of the Slaughter of Kashmiri Hindus Inevitable?– Vijay K. Sazawal

India’s Urban Middle Class Craves Better Quality of Life– Atul Singh, Manu Sharma

Reasons Why India’s Big Democracy Is Dynamic– Vikram Sood, Kanwal Sibal


Can Bobby Kennedy Win the Presidency Now? Of Course– Scott Bennett

UFO Disclosure: The Most Significant Law in Human History?– Ran Chakrabarti

The US Needs External Enemies to Overcome Internal Division– Josep M. Colomer

Why Is Congress So Polarized? It’s the Institutions– Josep M. Colomer

What You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling– Alex Gloy

The US Merchant Marine Is a National Security Necessity– Benjamin Harrison

Article Five Is Now Killing the United States– Anton Schauble

The Great Arctic Game Is Now in Full Swing– Atul Singh

The Hidden Gem of a Mid-Century Modern Church– William Softky

US Emergency Departments Are Overstretched and Doctors Burned Out– Jennifer Wider


Should We Now Have the Right to Die?– Roberta Artemisia Campani

An Allegory About Unidentified Floating Objects– Ran Chakrabarti

What Good Is China’s New BRICS For Brazil And India?– Helder Ferreira do Vale

Is the Gold Standard Now Alive or Dead?– Alex Gloy

How I Got Students to Accept ChatGPT as a New Classmate– Peter Isackson

Long Covid Shines Spotlight Now on Other Long Diseases– Ranjani Iyer Mohanty

One Hundred Years of ChatGPTude– Mauktik Kulkarni

Will the New BRICS+ Be Able to Come Together?– Kanwal Sibal

Is the Indo-American Relationship Being Handled With Intelligence?– KJ Singh

Climate Change: A Toxic Gift for the Next Generation– India Nye Wenner


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