FO 360° — UK Election Series







Elections are almost invariably termed historic. For once, the use of the term is not an exaggeration. When British voters went to the polls, they made a historic choice. 

In our signature 360° section, we provide context and publish many perspectives on the same issue. In December 2019, we published a 360° series on the UK elections. In this era of echo chambers, we cherish diversity and debate that are the bedrock of a sane society and a healthy democracy.

This is an e-magazine that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

Britain Faces a Historic Election — Atul Singh

In Britain’s Election, the Future of Human Rights Is at Stake — Matthew Turner

The Climate Within the Brexit Election — Arek Sinanian

Britain May Back Boris to Get Brexit Done — Atul Singh

The End of Liberal Britain? — Al Ghaff

Can Anything Unite the United Kingdom? — Peter Isackson

The Extremes Win Today’s Elections — Hans-Georg Betz

Why Liars Win Elections — Peter Isackson

Arise King Boris, Father of Brexit and Foe of Brussels — Atul Singh

What Will Be Left of Great Britain? — Stephen Chan

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