Fair Observer Monthly November 2020







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In this edition, we focus on the US election and COVID-19 vaccines. We also have articles on the Dayton agreement, the Mumbai attacks and Diego Maradona.

This is a free e-publication that can be read on tablet and desktop in PDF format.

Held Together With String, Can America Hold? Atul Singh

Joe Biden and America’s Second Reconstruction Gary Grappo 

Where Do We Stand With the Pfizer Vaccine? Mohammad Farhan

Cambodia’s COVID-19 Recovery Must Include Microfinance Reform Dai Wei Tsang

The Rise of the Digital Émigré Samantha North

25 Years On, The Dayton Peace Agreement Is a Ticking Time Bomb Emir Hadzikadunic 

12 Years After Mumbai, the Fight Against Terrorism Continues Kanwal Sibal

Diego Maradona, the Perfect Celebrity Athlete Ellis Cashmore

Sex Abuse Is the Moral Downfall of the Catholic Church Hans-Georg Betz

Inequality Is a Barrier to Peace in Colombia Pierrepont Johnson III

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