Fair Observer Monthly: June 2023





Fair Observer Monthly is a chance for you to sit down, look back and think about the month past. A month lasts 28 to 31 days, a suitably appropriate time to take stock of the world. We publish daily on our website and we select some of our best articles every month in our e-magazine. We will give you context and multiple perspectives on issues that matter. We will inform and educate you. Fair Observer Monthly does what we promise: make sense of the world.

Our 15 articles this month cover a lot of ground. An author under a pen name analyzes why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s disastrous economic policies remain attractive for voters in the country. In a tour de force, the author explains that high inflation is damaging the Turkish economy. Yet slashing interest rates helps Turkish citizens in direct ways, by easing access to mortgages and commercial credit. Raising interest rates threatens easy credit and Turkey’s banks, and could trigger recession. This explains the president’s seemingly incongruous economic policy. Turkey’s history of dollarization also makes voters more receptive to Erdoğan’s rhetoric on foreign threats to the economy. The usual suspects—former Irish prime minister John Bruton, German economist Alex Gloy and retired US ambassador Gary Grappo—muse about history, economics and geopolitics. Others share their pearls of wisdom too. So, to make sense of June, read this monthly edition.

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Content of Publication

    Why Football Has a Racism Problem and How to Solve It – Ellis Cashmore

    Bangladesh Unveils its New Indo-Pacific Outlook – Sadia Korobi

    What You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling – Alex Gloy

    Indigenous People in Bangladesh Suffer as Government Drags Feet – Saleem Samad

    The Bottom Line: Kemalism Just Won’t Win – Nathaniel Handy

    The US Merchant Marine Is a National Security Necessity – Benjamin Harrison

    Two Reasons China Can Be a Valuable Partner for Europe – John Bruton

    More Talk Than Action From the G7 on Afghanistan – Mohammad Jawad Ali Aqa

    Pluralism Is the Only Way Forward for Iranian Democracy – Halmat Palani

    Old Game, New Gold: What Is Saudi Arabia Planning With Golf? – Gary Grappo

    How to Win the War With AI Before It’s Too Late – Mark Cummings, William Yeack CSE

    Is the Indo-American Relationship Being Handled With Intelligence? – KJ Singh

    Tentative Steps Toward a New Saudi-Israeli Relationship – Anthony Chimente

    The US Supreme Court’s Credibility Is at Its Absolutely Lowest Level – Mehdi Alavi

    Erdoğan’s Shrewd Rhetoric on the Turkish Economy – Alex Rose


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