Fair Observer Monthly: July 2023





Fair Observer Monthly is a chance for you to sit down, look back and think about the month past. A month lasts 28 to 31 days, a suitably appropriate time to take stock of the world. We publish daily on our website and we select some of our best articles every month in our e-magazine. We will give you context and multiple perspectives on issues that matter. We will inform and educate you. Fair Observer Monthly does what we promise: make sense of the world.

This month, our 15 articles are as interesting as ever. Alan Waring and John Broadway argue that the Conservative Party now runs an elected dictatorship in the UK. Former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton makes the case that the world needs the US and China to talk while Harvard’s William H. Overholt says US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China will not stop the slide to war. Shermeen Yousuf analyzes the insidious corruption in Iraq and Mustafa Sourush explains why the Taliban cannot change. Editor-in-Chief Atul Singh and Contributing Editor Manu Sharma explain why India’s cities are in a terrible state and Mudit Jain, an industrialist who has run factories for decades, explains why Indian manufacturing is struggling. Also, Davor Džalto rakes the West over the coals over the lack of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Professor Josep Colomer posits that recent Spanish elections might lead to another minority Frankenstein government and Gary Grappo, the former chair of Fair Observer and a retired US ambassador, explains why US President Joe Biden has delayed his invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As you can see, few can compete with the diversity of voices we publish. To view the world through many prisms, read this July edition.

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Content of Publication

    Elective Dictatorship: The Plot by Britain’s Radical Conservatives – Alan Waring, John Broadway

    The World Needs the US and China to Talk – John Bruton

    Combating Fake Information in the Era of Generative AI² – Stephen Marcinuk

    Sending Blinken to China Won’t Interrupt the Slide Toward War – William H. Overholt

    The Truth About the Insidious Government Corruption in Iraq – Shermeen Yousif

    Is Privacy Such a Good Thing? – Ellis Cashmore

    Here Is Why the Taliban Cannot Change – Mustafa Suroush

    A Secure Eastern Border Depends on the Stability of NATO Member States – Cristian Gherasim

    Overlapping Legacies: Vedic India and Ancient Greece in Conversation – Vikram Zutshi

    Caste and Party: A Volatile Mix in Karnataka – Shishira Maiya

    India’s Urban Middle Class Craves Better Quality of Life – Atul Singh, Manu Sharma

    Here Is Why Indian Manufacturing Is Struggling – Mudit Jain

    The Truth about Western Values in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Davor Džalto

    Must Spain Cobble Together Another Frankenstein Government? – Josep Colomer

    What’s Behind Biden’s Delayed Invitation to Netanyahu? – Gary Grappo


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