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War Is Now Turning Dangerous: What Can Europe Do?

The Russia-Ukraine War could go horribly wrong and Europe is unprepared for it. The EU could take practical steps to improve food security as well as confront the fears that underlie the warlike atmosphere that we find ourselves in today.

Alarm in Ireland About Natural Gas Supplies Next Winter

Ireland could suffer disruption of natural gas supplies next winter because of a potential EU-UK trade war. Demands to throw money at this problem will lead to higher taxes and/or greater debt, hurting the economy and even future generations. To face its challenges, the country needs a dose of realism.

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Italy, Europe, and the World Needed Super Mario to Stay On

This is a critical year for European stability and security. With the ongoing energy crisis, surging COVID-19 cases and Russia’s intenisfying hostilities in Ukraine, Italy has just lost one of its most competent and respected prime ministers at the worst possible time.

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