Reasons for the Peril of a Russia-Ukraine Stalemate

Neither Russia nor Ukraine are in a position to make peace. Both sides believe they can win the upper hand. The US and NATO are still resolute in supporting Ukraine but with many elections looming in 2024, uncertainty is in the air. The only certainty is that the horror of war will continue.

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Winners and Losers of Big Economic War Over Ukraine

After a year of the Russia-Ukraine War, Western expectations have gone up in smoke (and methane). The winners are oil companies, oil-producing countries and weapons makers. The losers are the people of Ukraine, working and poor people everywhere, especially in the Global South. Also, the climate and the world have been sacrificed to the God of War.

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Ukraine: How Lies Fuel a New Bloody War of Attrition

The authors argue that none of the stakeholders in this war — the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the USA and its NATO allies — has leveled with its own people to honestly explain what it is fighting for, what it really hopes to achieve and how it plans to achieve it. All sides claim to be fighting for noble causes. But in this war of shameless spin, real people are being...

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