The Truth About US Support for Ukraine, But Not Palestine

Recently, the US supported Israel even as the United Nations General Assembly voted against this Jewish nation’s actions in Palestine. When it comes to national sovereignty and justice, the US ignores Palestine but supports Ukraine. Yet again, this exemplifies the hypocrisy of the US claim that it stands for universal justice and human rights.

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Germany in Spotlight as Russia-Ukraine War Intensifies

Germany is being dragged screaming and kicking into the Russia-Ukraine War. The war is wrecking the economy and causing paroxysm in politics. Germany’s postwar pacifism and its culture of restraint is coming under strain as a center-left coalition dithers about big decisions.

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War Is Now Turning Dangerous: What Can Europe Do?

The Russia-Ukraine War could go horribly wrong and Europe is unprepared for it. The EU could take practical steps to improve food security as well as confront the fears that underlie the warlike atmosphere that we find ourselves in today.

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