How Capital Eats Its Young

Capitalism’s endgame of harvesting the future is in play, now that markets value children’s attention as more valuable for revenue than for learning. There are possible solutions if we can first acknowledge the problem. A review of Dr. Susan Linn Who’s Raising the Kids? provides some clues to the solution.

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When Sustainable Development Goalkeepers Fail To Make A Stop

The COVID-19 pandemic, war, geopolitical rivalry and a growing climate crisis have dominated the news, but very few things match the importance of the 17 sustainable development goals the UN has defined for the future of humanity. The goals can be achieved but only by calling into question the prevailing practices.

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Time for Americans to Stand for a New Moral Core

There is some evidence that when essential governance is really threatened, Americans will awaken to protect and promote the governmental institutions required to confront existential problems and to ensure the minimum infrastructure and basic services at the core of desirable community life.

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