Zaid Basha

Zaid Ali Basha is a management consultant with over 10 years of broad experience in research and analytics, social and economic development, and public sector reform for various public and private sector clients. He has led and collaborated on multi-disciplinary projects in North America, East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Throughout the ongoing war in Yemen, Zaid has contributed to the literature on policy and economic impact and priority interventions, synthesized widely fragmented prewar and wartime macroeconomic and sectoral data, and proposed evidence-informed policy options.

What Yemenis Can Learn From the Indian Farmers’ Protests

Surprisingly, ending the war in, or rather on, Yemen is no longer an immediate concern. The gratuitous violence can continue, for there are now other priorities, or so we are told. Amongst them are development and fostering resilience, whatever these mean amidst an ongoing war. Wars do not have to come to an end. “Fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV) has become the new development... Continue Reading

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The Road to Yemen’s Starvation

Yemen’s food crisis is not different in its nature from other regions of the Arab world and the agrarian south more broadly. However, it is a severe case, hence the warning issued a year ago by the United Nations that Yemen, along with other countries, faces the imminent threat of famines of “biblical proportions.” The mass starvation that has engulfed the country is partly a consequence... Continue Reading

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