Yuna Rault-D'Inca

Yuna Rault-D'Inca has studied French, German and European law and is currently earning a masters degree in philosophy. She has professional experience working for political organizations and think tanks in France and Eastern Europe . She also has a widespread practical experience in the Arts, especially theatre and music.

Reading Minds: Religiosity Explained

August 19, 2012

By Yuna Rault D'Inca and Kira O'Sullivan. There is a whole range of complicated personal and group motives for religious belief and national differences therein. Different factors may explain the different levels of religiosity observed around the world. In Quest of Identity: religion yes, but how much do we need...

Voting Extremes - A New Form of Popular Protest in Europe

June 03, 2012

Over the past decade Europe has witnessed a rise in right-wing activism and sympathies. More recently, people have not only been going extreme concerning right-wing parties, they also seem to endorse extreme left or even small parties without a detailed program at all. Background

Unpopular Candidates to the Second Round

April 30, 2012

Analysis on the results of the first round of the French presidential election. The people have decided: conservative French President Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) may pursue his race for reelection against Francois Hollande from the French Socialist party (PS). The crepuscule of Sarkozysm Nicolas Sarkozy has probably been the most unpopular...

Interact: Let The Public Do The Art

April 26, 2012

A voyage from contemplation to interactivity. When one thinks about a piece of fine art, Rembrandt, Kandinsky, or Picasso could come to mind. How involved can you get though by simply viewing one of their paintings? To what extent can we be entrenched in the meaning of a piece simply...

Getting Down to Balkan Brass Tacks

March 01, 2012

The history and geography of modern Balkan Brass. After having influenced Flamenco in Spain and Jazz in France with their particular guitar techniques and rhythms, it is today the gypsies of south eastern Europe who are stirring up the contemporary music scene. In the lost plains, mountains and ravines of...