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Mashrou’ Leila: The Soundtrack of an Arab Generation

November 21, 2012

By Munir Atalla Mashrou’ Leila, a Lebanese band that emerged from the Beirut underground indie scene, have captured what it is like to be young in the Arab world, and understand their listeners, sometimes better than they understand themselves. “Ya Albi, (my heart), I hope this message finds you healthy,...

Eyeless in Gaza?

November 21, 2012

By David Zohar Israeli teenagers living within 50 km of the Gaza frontier have lived all their lives rushing into bomb shelters at a moment's notice. I am a retired Israeli diplomat living in Jerusalem and I have a strong feeling of déjà vu. Periodically over the last few years...

Israel's Game Changing War

November 19, 2012

By Joshua Gleis Hamas’ firing into the Jerusalem region, which had not been hit by a rocket since 1970, is an ominous sign of things to come. The recent flare up of violence between Israel and Hamas has highlighted three specific game changers from wars past.

What Would Mitt Romney Mean for the Middle East?

October 10, 2012

By Katie Gonzalez Scholars and experts say his foreign policy would be a "catastrophe" for the Middle East, but also hint that Romney the candidate and Romney the president may not be one and the same.

Will Israel Ever be Part of MENA?

October 03, 2012

By Naava Mashiah Israel should follow Prince Bin Talal's advice and start considering itself as part of the Middle East and its future, argues Naava Mashiah.

Diary From Damascus

July 30, 2012

By John Wreford Photographer John Wreford has lived in Syria for many years and still remains in his house in Damascus’ Old City. Here, he gives a personal account of the last couple of weeks' events.