Yael Schacher

Yael Schacher is a senior US advocate at Refugees International focusing on US asylum policy, refugee admissions, temporary protected status, humanitarian visas and other immigration policies with protection implications. She has a PhD in American Studies and is writing a book on the history of asylum in the United States since the late-19th century.

The US Must Commit to Protecting Central Americans

June 21, 2021

Recent comments by US Vice-President Kamala Harris over migration from Guatemala are part of an unfortunate pattern. Like Harris, other members of the Biden administration have been telling Central American migrants — many of whom are forced to leave home — “do not come” to the United States because they...

“Remain in Mexico” Is a Travesty of Asylum Policy

March 27, 2019

As the number of Central Americans coming to the United States has risen since the policy was first announced in January 2019, MPP is not deterring migration so much as increasing hardship on the Mexican side of the border. In late January 2019, the Trump administration announced the “Remain in...