Xiao Qiao

Xiao is a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Chicago. While still an undergraduate, Xiao worked with the legendary Professor Franklin Allen on the causes and policies of the Great Recession. He is passionate about macroeconomics and finance, and follows global trends closely. As a native Mandarin speaker who has worked on Chinese economic issues, he has deep insights into the Chinese economy.

China’s Real Estate Market is a Growth Area, But Not Without Its Complications - A Talk With Professor Shi

Chinese scholar Guifeng Shi explains the intricacies of China’s real estate market. As a country with a high population and limited land real estate has always been a valuable commodity, and if more so than ever now as China’s middle- and upper-classes grow at an unprecedented rate. Demand for land has risen unequally across the country, with cities suffering an overabundance of... Continue Reading

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