Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland

The Vodafone Foundation is one of the large company-related foundations in Germany and a member of a global family of foundations. As an independent, non-profit institution, it supports and initiates programmes as a sociopolitical thinktank with the goal of providing impetus for social progress, of fostering the development of an active civil society and of assuming socio-political responsibility. Focusing on the fields of education, integration, and social mobility, the foundation’s mission is to recognise challenges and chances, to give support and eventually to make a difference.

Social Mobility Opportunities Particularly Poor in Germany

There are few industrialised nations in which the opportunities for upward mobility are as unevenly distributed as in Germany. A new academic expert report outlines the biggest obstacles to upward mobility in people's life trajectories. At the invitation of the Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland foundation and the stiftung neue verantwortung ("new responsibility foundation"), for the... Continue Reading

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