Vinicius Bivar

Vinicius Bivar is a PhD candidate in modern history at the Freie Universität Berlin. His research examines the international networks and the circulation of far-right political ideas with an emphasis on Europe and Latin America. In addition to his research, Bivar writes for academic and non-academic outlets on current affairs with a focus on 21st-century radical-right movements in Germany and Brazil. He holds a BA in History from the University of Brasilia and an MA in Modern European History, Politics and Society from Columbia University.

Why Do Latinos Vote for Trump?

Debates about the role of the Latino vote have become somewhat of a tradition in the United States. As campaigns begin to trace their strategies for the upcoming elections, the topic is brought up by political strategists, scholars and pundits who attempt to project the electoral behavior of these communities. Their concern is not unfounded. In the last two decades, populations broadly defined... Continue Reading

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Will the Coronavirus Crisis Bring Down Hungary’s Failing Democracy?

History is not short of examples of autocrats who used a crisis to strengthen their grip on power. Our current crisis, triggered by the global spread of the new coronavirus, appears to be no different. Justified by the need for extraordinary measures to address the pandemic, on March 30 the Hungarian parliament approved an emergency law, titled "On Protecting Against the Coronavirus,” which... Continue Reading

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Germany’s East-West Divide Fuels the Far Right

In September, citizens of the former East German states of Brandenburg and Saxony headed to the polls to elect their new legislatures. The results were, on the one hand, a breath of fresh air for traditional parties, in particular the Social Democrats (SPD) who, following a series of disastrous electoral results, managed to remain as the major party in Brandenburg. On the other hand, however,... Continue Reading

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