Vanessa Lucas

Vanessa Lucas is a partner with the law firm of Edelstein and Payne where she has been practicing since 2005. Lucas represents public and private employees in workplace matters, including wrongful termination, workplace discrimination and retaliation, wage and hour violations and workers’ compensation cases. She is a member of North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) and has appeared as a speaker teaching other lawyers through NCAJ's Continuing Legal Education program. She also maintains membership in the National Employment Lawyers Association and is active with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), serving as both the Philippines Subcommittee Chair to the International Committee and the North Carolina NLG Contact.

The Philippine People Are Under Attack From Washington

A tribunal this year uncovered grave violations against the human, economic and cultural rights of Filipinos by America and their own leaders. The Filipino people are under attack. The Lumad, an indigenous group in the southern Philippines, are being forced to leave their ancestral lands and the source of their livelihood to make way for mining operations and land conversion. Resistance is... Continue Reading

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