Ulrich Hemel

A theologian, philosopher, thinker and entrepreneur, Ulrich is unmatched in his versatility. As a lecturer and professor at the University of Regensburg, Ulrich explored the idea of religious education in families and while working as translator and interpreter, developed his undying passion for languages. He then worked in the corporate field as a top consultant for many years before founding his own management consulting and investment firm. In his own words, the four pillars of his life are: philosophy, language, theology and business. Ulrich was Chairman of the Board of the Foundation Research Institute for Philosophy, Hanover and since 2004 he and his wife Lucia have set up and run a children’s home and foundation: “Children Without Borders”. Ever expanding on his devotion to social work, in 2009 Ulrich founded the “Institute for Social Strategy” in Germany, which devotes itself to the creation of a global civil society. He will be advising Fair Observer on our strategy of global outreach.

Religion, Migration, and Human Dignity

August 20, 2012

Religion and migration are two sides of the same coin. There are many reasons why people migrate. War, violence, persecution, and political instability are only one aspect: economic reasons which are often underestimated in Germany, make millions of people leave their families and friends behind to build new lives in...

World Minimum Allowance: $2 Everyday

February 26, 2012

Establishing a fund to give $2 a day to the hungry around the world might be the answer to alleviating global hunger. Capital is urgently needed for saving banks, saving the Euro, investing in renewable energy, for states, and for companies. But what about poor and hungry people?

Health Education in the 21st Century

February 20, 2012

Five crucial Issues from the standpoint of global civil society. Everybody agrees on the need for health education but there is not yet a common understanding of what that means and how far reaching health education should be. From the standpoint of civil society in a global perspective, the first...