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Tom Engelhardt is a co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of The United States of Fear as well as The End of Victory Culture, a history of the Cold War. He is a fellow of the Nation Institute and runs TomDispatch. His sixth book is A Nation Unmade by War.

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Will AI Trump LTAI on Our Beleaguered Planet Now?

AI looks like anything but what the world needs right now to save us from a hell on earth. The beleaguered planet needs the human brain—Less Than Artificial Intelligence (LTAI)—to grapple with the great issues of our times despite its grim record. Continue Reading

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Timely Lessons from History: War, What Is It Good For?

My father fought in World War II. Since then, the US has never won a war and the country has invested ever increasing taxpayer dollars into the military. In this piece, I explore great-power warfare since 1945 and wonder what lessons my dad might have drawn from it. He might have suggested: If you're a "great" power, don't go to war! Continue Reading

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A Look at Prophecies, Then (1962) and Now (2023)

A passage from "The Prophecy" in my 1962 high school yearbook introduced me as a "world-renowned historian of the late twentieth century," appearing from what's clearly a nuclear fallout shelter to find that the world of my future has returned to the Stone Age and my now-aged classmates are all dressed in deerskins. With the double-barreled threats of nuclear war and climate change, I try to... Continue Reading

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Old News in a New Year

With the ringing in of the new year, we need to assess what is likely to change as well as what needs to change. It’s probably too late to hope that the media will change its ways or acquire the sense of urgency needed to respond effectively to the real emergencies that require our collective focus, and notably climate change. Continue Reading

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My Life With Maus

There is an increasing Trumpian urge to ban books (and subjects) from public school courses and libraries across the US. Continue Reading

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