Terence Roehrig

Terence Roehrig has written extensively on Korean politics and security and is a past president of the Association of Korean Political Studies. He did his PhD. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in political science, and is on the faculty at the US Naval War College. He is also a Research Fellow at the Belfer Center at Harvard University's Kennedy School.

Divide and Be Conquered

Nov 12, 2012

The South Korean presidential election is taking place on December 19. Since the independent candidate Ahn Cheol-soo entered the electoral campaign, the power constellations have changed.

North Korea: Transition and Change in Foreign Policy

Jan 07, 2012

The inexperience of North Korea’s new leader likely implies a “wait-and-see” approach. [Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not represent those of the US Government, the Department of Defense, or the Navy.] The passing of Kim Jong Il was a surprise. Despite the...