Tamas Berecz

Tamás Berecz is an expert in the field of sociology and criminology. His main fields of research have been the media, specifically the racist tendencies towards the Roma in the Hungarian and international press. He was also heavily involved in the analysis of anti-terrorist legislation and its conflicts with human rights in the UK and other Western democracies after the Islamist terror wave of the 2000s. He acquired his first class Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in sociology and criminology in England at the University of Bedfordshire. Afterwards, he obtained a Master of Arts degree with distinction in Budapest at the Central European University in sociology and social anthropology.
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When Ignorance was Bliss: Domestic Extremism in Europe

While governments spend more time and funding on countering Islamic extremism, Europe faces an increasing threat from domestic extremist groups – both right- and left-wing – that are active in every country examined by the Athena Institute. After the 9/11 attacks, international terrorism became the bogeyman of the West, something that lurks in the dark and waits for the... Continue Reading

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