Suman Giri

Suman Giri is a data scientist by trade, an energy efficiency expert by training, and a social entrepreneur by ambition. Born and raised in Nepal, he traveled to the US to pursue an undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics at Oberlin College. He holds an MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Advanced Infrastructure Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a co-founder at Ramak International and was one of the initial members of another startup, EEme LLC.

Not Everyone is Happy About Nepal’s Constitution

December 24, 2015

Foreign intervention over Nepal’s constitution, particularly from India, has overshadowed local concerns.    Many groups are not happy with Nepal’s new constitution—which was adopted in September—particularly with issues of political representation, citizenship rights and gender equality. Protests have been ongoing since August, claiming at least 48 lives, with roughly 30...

Stop Child Labor in Nepal

June 12, 2015

Nepalese policymakers must examine economic factors when drafting solutions to combat child labor. Imagine somewhere in Kathmandu that a child is dancing to the songs of his blind father for money. Such a heartwarming sight, no doubt. Given how cheap emotional pity is, you might consider dropping a few bucks...