Shaon Ahsan

Shaon Ahsan graduated from Northwestern University, receiving a BA (honors) in Political Science. A copy of her honors thesis entitled, “India and Singapore: The Impact of Elite Choice and Public Support on Post-Colonial Democratic Success,” can be found in the Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal. Ahsan is a former Copy Editor and Business Development Associate at Fair Observer.

Avoiding the Resource Curse: A Key to Sustainable Economic Growth in Mongolia

Mongolian leaders must wisely manage the wealth coming from the sale of natural resources to ensure they do not experience the resource curse as have many countries that are abundant in natural resources. Luckily, so far, they have made an effort to keep it at bay. Positioned in between the economic powers of Russia and China, Mongolia has the fastest growing economy and is one of the most... Continue Reading

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Cleaning Up the River Ganga

A discussion about the Indian government’s failure to encourage public participation in the formation and implementation of the Ganga Action Plan, environmental policies created to curb pollution in the River Ganga. Meaningful public participation is important for forming successful environmental policies. Public participation, defined by Thomas Dietz and Paul C. Stern (2008) as... Continue Reading

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