Shairee Malhotra

Shairee Malhotra is an associate researcher at the European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS) in Brussels. She previously worked with Mumbai-based foreign policy think tank Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, She holds an MA in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London. Her interests include geopolitics, international security, Indian foreign policy, Pakistan, the European Union and EU-Asia relations.

Raising the Bar for Democracy in Pakistan

Jul 22, 2018

As the elections inch closer, the bar needs to be raised for democracy in Pakistan and the expectations that come with it. Civilian leaders being pushed out of office is the norm in Pakistan. With the recent ouster and sentencing of Nawaz Sharif, it is the third time that the...

India and Israel Do Not Share an Ideological Affinity

Aug 09, 2017

The roots and histories of India and Israel are poles apart. The apparent ideological similarities are not the same. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Israel is nothing short of an iconic moment in history. A lot has been said about the undeniable strategic cooperation and benefits of...

India’s Potential at the UN Security Council

Sep 23, 2015

What would happen if India joined the United Nations Security Council as a permanent member? Reform of the increasingly irrelevant United Nations (UN) is once again at the forefront. India enjoys enormous support as a contender for the expansion of the UN Security Council (UNSC) among the G4 nations—India, Japan,...

Gaza's Demilitarization is Not the Way Forward

Nov 07, 2014

Israel needs an enduring strategy that includes Hamas as a valid partner for peace. With heated debates about the progress of reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip, it is vital to revisit one of the crucial issues regarding the latest Gaza conflict: the demilitarization of the Palestinian territory. Israel and Palestinian...