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Shafeeq Rahman is a Delhi-based researcher on socioeconomic issues. He writes at The Huffington Post, DailyO and many other national and international publications. He holds a PhD from Jamia Millia Islamia in India.
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India Must Be Included in the Afghan Peace Process

Despite being a key contributor to rebuilding Afghanistan, India was elbowed out from the four-party meeting held in Beijing in July to advance the Afghan peace process. Earlier talks with the Taliban in Doha and Moscow already hinted at the sidelining of New Delhi from future peacebuilding efforts as a quadrilateral consultation group between the United States, China, Pakistan and Russia... Continue Reading

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Decoding the Indian Left's Electoral Fiasco

What does the Left Front's recent defeat spell for the wider political process in India? The February defeat of a communist coalition after 25 years in power in Tripura, a tiny state in northeastern India, is widely seen as the demise of left-wing politics in the country. The coalition, also known as the Left Front or Left Alliance, comprises the All India Forward Bloc (AIFB), the Communist... Continue Reading

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Why Remittances from the Middle East Matter to India

With remittances from the Middle East in decline, India may face problems in the domestic labor market. India is the leading recipient of international personal remittances, claiming 10.9% of global inflows. This is followed by China (10.6%) and the Philippines (5.4%), according to the latest data released by the World Bank for 2016. Total remittance inflow to India was $62 billion in 2016,... Continue Reading

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Can India Navigate Between Israel and Palestine?

India could benefit from strengthening its ties with Israel, but it must not isolate Palestine and its supporters among the OIC countries. Traditionally, India adheres to the bilateral approach in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, dealing with both sides on equal terms in advocating peaceful coexistence for a two-state solution. Despite formally recognizing Israel in 1950 and having full... Continue Reading

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Will the US Travel Ban Put Off Foreign Students?

America has reason to worry that the travel ban will affect the number of foreign students applying to US universities. America has always been a favorable destination for international students from across the world, specifically those from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries. In 2016, 13% of total 1.27 million global OIC students chose to study in the US. In May 2017, the... Continue Reading

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