Serghei Sadohin

Serghei Sadohin is an international relations professional working in EU affairs in Brussels. He has previously worked in think tanks, consultancy, international organizations and NGOs in New York, Vienna, The Hague and Riyadh. Sadohin's writing has been published in various outlets, including Open Democracy, Euractiv and Pub Affairs. He is interested in international politics, philosophy and communication theory.

Welcome to the Curiosity Economy

July 27, 2020

In 1954, when television sets were just becoming widespread in American homes, Alfred Hitchcock made “Rear Window.” The film portrays L. B. “Jeff” Jeffries, a magazine photographer played by James Stewart, stuck at home in a wheelchair with a broken leg, whose only entertainment is gazing through his window and...

Is Twitter Killing the Written Word?

February 14, 2020

If Donald Trump had anything in common with a poet, it would be Homer. Homer was a pre-literate poet from Ancient Greece, while Trump is a post-literate US president who prefers to be briefed orally, gets his news from television and boasts that he likes to read as little as...