Sean Stone

Sean Stone is a filmmaker, author and host of RT’s “Watching the Hawks.” He grew up in the film-world, having acted since childhood in his father Oliver Stone’s films before beginning his own filmmaking career by apprenticing under his father on “Alexander” (2004), shooting the behind-the-scenes documentaries; on “W.” (2008) as an editorial consultant; and on “The Untold History of the United States” (2013) as an associate editor. Sean Stone released his first feature film, “Greystone Park,” in 2012. Since then, he has starred in multiple feature films, including “Union Bound” (2016), “Paranormal Activity Security Squad” (2016) and “Enter the Fist” (2017), which he also co-wrote. Stone has published a book, “New World Order,” based on his American history thesis at Princeton. Most recently, he released a documentary for RT about the economic decay of middle-class America called, “A Century of War” (2016). He also hosts the interview program “Buzzsaw” on Gaia TV.


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