Samia Errazzouki

Samia Errazzouki is a Moroccan-American writer based in Washington DC. She has written for Al Akhbar, Mamfakinch, Fair Observer, Al Monitor, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, and others. Her academic research focuses on Morocco's political economy and reform. She is currently working on the Arab Studies Institute's Knowledge Production Project, with a focus on the Greater Maghreb. She is also a co-editor of Jadaliyya's Maghreb Page.
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Out With the Old and In With the Old: Morocco’s New Cabinet

The Moroccan monarchy only strengthens actors and groups in favor of its hegemony. These past few months have been a particularly turbulent period for Morocco’s Party of Justice and Development-led coalition government. While King Mohammed VI was on an extended vacation in France during May and June 2013, the conservative nationalist Istiqlal Party announced it was withdrawing from the... Continue Reading

Fair Observer

Economic Reform in Morocco: The Road Not Taken

The recent self-immolations of unemployed graduates in Morocco’s capital illustrate an increasingly dire economic situation created by decades of authoritarian politics. Since January 5, a group of unemployed graduates, les diplômés chômeurs, have staged a sit-in in Rabat demanding jobs and calling for economic reform. After suffering from violent police brutality when... Continue Reading

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