Rohin K. Patel

Rohin Patel is a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor studying history and biology. He has worked with the Sevak Project for several years, and is part of malaria prevention research project with Jan Swasthya Sahyog peoples' health group. He also chairs a student government commission that helps to foster a relationship between university students and the citizens of Detroit, MI. Rohin is interested in healthcare policy and law, and the relationship between rural and urban development and sanitation.

Helping Girls Escape the Sex Industry

February 17, 2017

Civil society steps in to pick up where governments fail to support women and children exploited in the sex industry. Every day, young girls are forced into commercial sexual enterprises all over the world, leaving them physically and emotionally anguished. In the red light district of Kolkata, there are approximately...

Bringing Health Care to India, One Family at a Time

January 25, 2017

An independent project is finding individual solutions to improve the lives of patients in rural India. Many people are aware of the rise of diabetes globally, as well as its increasing burden in terms of health complications and fatalities in South Asian countries. Hence, public health education plays a critical...

Bringing Sustainable Healthcare to Rural India

August 02, 2016

An independent project is increasing access to healthcare in rural India. A good quality healthcare system and access to it by the impoverished is a widely-discussed issue, with governments across the world working toward resolving it. India, with its population of approximately 1.2 billion people, is seeing an improvement in...