Sir Robert Fry

Sir Robert Fry is a former General, and finished his career as Deputy Commanding General of the coalition forces in Iraq in 2006. He is a visiting professor at Reading University and a visiting fellow at Oxford, is a prize winning essayist and has been widely published internationally; he’s a former vice-president of Hewlett-Packard and is now the head of a big management consultancy called McKinney-Rogers. McKinney-Rogers are a global management consultancy (although they hate the term management consultant), with offices on every continent – they’re particularly interested in pushing the concept of changing your business through top quality leadership, rather than through cost cutting etc. Part of this is down to their backgrounds – most of them are ex-military officers.

Afghanistan in 2020

Historical interventions in Afghanistan have always ended up confirming its condition as a strong society but weak state, and I suspect the 2001–2014 US/NATO episode will be no exception. In 2020, Afghanistan will confront this enduring national dilemma.  As a result, it may resemble the county in 1920 rather than the centrally governed liberal democracy envisaged, at least originally,... Continue Reading

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