Richard Coward

Richard Coward is an independent commentator on British political affairs. He studied politics, philosophy and economics at Wadham College, Oxford before taking a further degree in economics at the London School of Economics and then briefly worked for the British Foreign Office. Later he taught economics and has written four mystery thrillers. He is a director of studies at EDeeU Education.

Pro-European Conservatives Will Soon Call Time on Brexit

The relentless political logic of Brexit will soon lead a determined group of Conservative MPs to stop Brexit in its tracks. There is a relentless logic about the whole Brexit saga. Like a series of deductions in a mathematical proof, one step leads to another until a firm conclusion is reached. The reasoning process can be lengthy and complicated, and sometimes the outcome can be surprising.... Continue Reading

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British Politician Vince Cable Could Lead a Government of National Unity

Veteran Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable might just hold the key to Britain’s Brexit woes. My country is in a dreadful mess. Everybody knows it, although some of our politicians are still trying to pretend that they don’t. Unless something dramatic happens, as the clock strikes midnight in Brussels at the close of March 29, 2019, we will leave the European Union. We know we will... Continue Reading

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