Ran Chakrabarti

A graduate of the London School of Economics and King's College London, Ran Chakrabarti has worked in the Diplomatic Service in Geneva, the United Nations in New York, Reuters in New Delhi, and leading international law firms in London and Singapore. He is currently finishing a text book on international law whilst advising private entities on cross-border acquisitions and project finance.

The Allegory of the Canceled Christmas

December 22, 2013

The diplomatic spat between the US and India has unintended global consequences. Christmas seems unlikely to come for millions of children around the world this year, as an increasingly bitter dispute between Utopia and the Federal Democratic Republic of Lapland grows over the recent arrest and detention of Santa Claus.

The Allegory of the Sentimentally Hurt Liberals

May 30, 2013

Ran Chakrabarti imagines a dispute over freedom of speech of a slightly different sort. Free speech is under attack. Nowhere more so than in India, where draconian laws permit arrests and criminal charges against those who hurt the sentiments of others. 

Palestine and International Law

September 21, 2011

Ran Chakrabarti puts the quest for Palestinian statehood in historical context and considers the international law that should determine it. 1.         Whose title deeds are they anyway?