Rachael Willis

Rachael Willis is an American environmental risk consultant. Originally from Boston, she moved to Singapore several years ago to launch her own environmental risk consultancy, advising clients on sustainable investment projects in the region. Over the course of her time in Singapore, she became a dedicated follower of politics both in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and is increasingly mindful of the environmental challenges the region faces as it expands economically. She is a longtime contributor to The Huffington Post.

Consulting Scandals: Holding the Accountants Accountable

International business consultancy and accounting firms have reached an unchartered phase in the business life cycle. These behemoths of commerce, often tasked with keeping both public and private sector players in check, have now grown powerful enough to pose a threat to entire countries, if not the global economy. After decades of predatory and self-serving behavior, resistance is growing that... Continue Reading

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No Blue Skies for Beijing

It would be impossible for China to tackle air pollution without overhauling the rural economy.  Beijing has vowed to continue cracking down on the city’s notorious smog problem in 2019, although, unlike previous years, the capital has declined to give specific target numbers for average fine particle (PM2.5) concentrations. With the more easily attainable measures already having been... Continue Reading

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Smoking Isn’t Just Bad for You — It’s Devastating the Environment

The tobacco industry’s carbon footprint is greater than that of entire countries, such as Israel or Peru. Tobacco’s disastrous effects on human health have been clear for decades, despite industry giants trying to hide the evidence linking cigarette smoke and disease for as long as possible. Despite Big Tobacco’s machinations, countless public awareness campaigns have exposed the... Continue Reading

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