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Tending to the Pillars: China’s Next Economic Transformation

By Andrew Sheng and Geng Xiao China must balance institutional innovation with orderly reforms to preserve the integrity of its economic foundations and emerge from the forthcoming slowdown in good shape. During three decades of favorable global economic conditions, China created an integrated global production system unprecedented in scale and complexity. But now its policymakers must deal... Continue Reading

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How Should China Respond to the Slowdown?

By Yu Yongding Faced with an economic slowdown, China can no longer enjoy both higher growth and efficient structural adjustment. It must choose between them. China’s annual GDP growth slowed to 7.6% in the second quarter of 2012, down from 8.1% in the first quarter and the lowest growth rate since the second quarter of 2009. The newly released growth data may have dispelled fears of a... Continue Reading

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Paraguay’s Impeached Democracy

The “constitutional coup” is a major set back for Paraguayan democracy. By Gustavo Setrini and Lucas Arce Paraguayan democracy has taken a giant step backward since its Congress impeached President Fernando Lugo in June, plunging the country into political turmoil and diplomatic isolation. Coming only nine months before the next scheduled presidential election, this crisis... Continue Reading

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