Paige Elenson

Paige Elenson is the Executive Director of Africa Yoga Project (AYP), a movement that empowers the youth through the transformative power of yoga. A native New Yorker and former Wall Street consultant, she has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Elenson’s incisive skills as a businesswoman, spiritual activist and yogini inspired her work with AYP. In 2007, she moved to Africa and co-founded the organization. At home in Nairobi or reaching students around the world, Elenson’s dedication to positive global change is infectious and inspiring.
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Africa Yoga Project: Inspiring Youth to Achieve Greatness

Using the practice of yoga, AYP aims to create opportunities for African youth to become leaders in their communities. Paige Elenson, Ashoka Fellow and founder of Africa Yoga Project, is committed to creating the future market leaders of Africa’s currently untapped wellness industry. Using the transformational practice of yoga, she is persuading African youth to discover their passion,... Continue Reading

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Yoga in Africa: Transforming Young Minds, Hearts and Livelihoods

The Africa Yoga Project provides young Africans with an opportunity to become leaders and positive change agents. “Wellness” is a multifaceted and multi-billion dollar industry in many countries across the West. While holistic approaches to mental and physical health are not new to sub-Saharan Africa, the industry is only beginning to emerge in various countries across the continent.... Continue Reading

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