Oliver Matikainen

Oliver Matikainen is a sustainability professional with a background in the humanities. He holds a BA in philosophy and an MSc in sustainable development. Oliver has published on the subject of sustainability in national newspapers and international magazines as well as a book chapter on sustainability education in Denmark. He has previously worked as a research assistant at an action-oriented think tank for sustainable development, as a consultant to UNESCO and as a guest lecturer at Uppsala University. Oliver uses empirical evidence, critical thinking and story-telling to challenge the growth paradigm and explore post-growth futures.
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Our Green Future: Is It All About the Money?

Take a look at the suited people at COP26. Some look inquisitively around as the bill is slipped across the table to them. Others pull out the inside of their empty pockets and shrug their shoulders. Some recall past promises and claim they are still owed money. Others point to someone else’s swelling accounts and insist they have paid more than their fair share. Money, money, money. Why is... Continue Reading

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