Nigel Hey

Nigel Hey is a career writer and journalist who specializes in science and technology, mass media and world affairs. His writings include six published books, several reference works, and hundreds of articles in publications ranging from Smithsonian to the London Sunday Times. After obtaining a degree in mass communications, he was a journalist and editor in Utah, Bermuda, and the United Kingdom before joining Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico as a science/technology writer and media relations specialist. He divides his writing and telecommuting time between Los Ranchos, New Mexico, and London, United Kingdom. He blogs at

Politics, Media and Ethics: A Troublesome Trio

November 29, 2016

With the decay of codes of media ethics we need to be smarter than ever when choosing information we are willing to trust. Donald Trump’s no-holds-barred electoral campaign, punctuated by pyrotechnic rally performances, used the media to generate waves of shock, ridicule and admiration through the United States and the world—and won him America’s presidency....

Can America Come Together Again?

November 15, 2016

America will come together again, but the process will not be an easy one. Social, economic and political threats as daunting as those that made headlines in the 2016 presidential campaign would almost surely have started a bloody revolution if they had crashed into the public consciousness a century and a half...