Natasha Roth

Natasha Roth, a British immigrant to Israel, is a Researcher and former Coordinator at the African Refugee Development Center (ARDC). She holds a Master's in Contemporary History and Politics from the University of London, and has had articles on Israel and Palestine published on a number of news and comment websites. Her research focuses on the Middle East, genocide and human rights.

Chained to the Fence: Inequality in East Jerusalem

August 28, 2014

The more Israel tries to homogenize Jerusalem and harmonize its history, the more divided it becomes. [This article was written before the Gaza War. The conclusion has been updated to address the current situation.] On May 28, tens of thousands of Jews in Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day by marching through the city...

A History of Violence: African Asylum Seekers in Israel

January 29, 2014

The mistreatment of African asylum seekers in Israel is a serious human rights violation. The narrative of hostility, suspicion and aggression towards immigrants and asylum seekers is not new, nor is it unique. Reports of governmental and societal mistreatment of asylum seekers ebb in and out of the news continuously,...