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Maya Yang is a freelance journalist currently based in New York. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
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Tensions Mount in the Gulf as World Leaders Gather at UN

On the morning of May 12, unidentified perpetrators attacked four oil tankers off the Fujairah port in the Gulf of Oman. Two of the tankers belonged to Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. The attacks occurred during Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s state visit to Tehran, which was intended to ease regional tensions. The international response was swift. The United Arab... Continue Reading

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A Delicate Balance of Power in Syria’s Last Opposition Stronghold

The politics of Idlib are extremely complicated, particularly with respect to outside powers that have vested interests in the outcome of the fight for the province. The delicate balance of power in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib appears unsustainable and, to say the least, it is difficult to predict how events will unfold. The Russian-backed Syrian regime offensive to take over the... Continue Reading

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How Will Brexit Affect the Middle East and North Africa?

Nearly three years since the referendum, discussions over a Brexit deal are in a state of limbo. After British MPs rejected the withdrawal agreement three times, the European Union reluctantly backed a six-month extension to October 31. In the meantime, there is speculation about a post-Brexit future and what that could mean for the world. With most of the talk surrounding the future of EU... Continue Reading

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Horn of Africa Feels Geopolitical Impact of Qatar Crisis

Extensive web of alignments and divisions across the Horn of Africa puts pressure on countries to declare solidarity with either side of the Qatar crisis. The oil-rich Arabian Peninsula states have long represented a beacon of stability in the tumultuous Middle East. Yet the five-month-old Qatar crisis has drastically challenged this perception and raised stakes for many countries worldwide.... Continue Reading

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