Mat Youkee

Mat Youkee is a freelance journalist and analyst covering Latin America and the Caribbean from his base in Bogotá, Colombia. An emerging markets reporter since 2007, his regular work maintains a strong business and economics focus and he travels regularly across the continent to write in-depth analyses of sectors including extractive industries, finance, agriculture and health care. His work has been published in The Guardian, Americas Quarterly, the Financial Times, Roads & Kingdoms, and The Steel Crown, the unofficial journal of the lost Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia.

Violence Against Women in Mexico Rises

March 09, 2021

Home is not a safe space for many women around the world and coronavirus-era quarantines and lockdowns have increased the risk of gender-based violence. In Mexico, statistics reflect this reality and women additionally face the rising risk of becoming targets amid violent drug crime and the militarization of the state...

Evo Morales Is Poised to Cling to Power in Bolivia’s Upcoming Election

October 08, 2019

Bolivia serves as a reminder that, all too often, democracies are only as strong as their weakest institution. A lack of judicial independence means that President Evo Morales looks set to win a fourth term in office, reigniting Latin America’s longstanding debate on term limits and the restrictions placed on...