Marian Manni

Associate Editor (Europe)
Marian Männi is a former Associate Editor (Europe) at Fair Observer. As an experienced journalist for English and Estonian language media, she has worked and/or studied in seven countries. Männi holds a Master's degree in Media and Journalism Studies from Aarhus University (Denmark) and Hamburg University (Germany), where her main focuses of research were analytical journalism and young European audiences. Either as an independent or full-time journalist, Männi has worked for various print, online and broadcast media for nearly ten years. Her recent experiences also include global media monitoring analysis for a major NGO.

Ukraine is Part of Russia's Superpower Ambition

March 03, 2014

Russia wants to restore its position as a world superpower. Last weekend, as Ukrainians commemorated over a hundred dead protesters, Russian troops entered the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea, taking advantage of the country's mourning.

Ukraine's Crisis Explained

February 26, 2014

Why the EU and Russia are both keen on winning over Ukraine. Background The recent wave of protests in Ukraine began when the government suspended preparations to sign the European Union’s (EU) proposed trade and partnership agreement in November 2013. The bill would have brought Ukraine closer to the EU,...