Manuela Andreoni

Manuela Andreoni is a Brazilian journalist. She has worked for newspapers, magazines and television programs in Brazil and abroad, such as The Sunday Times, The Globe and Mail, O Globo, Agência Pública and BBC Panorama. She currently is a reporter at Columbia Journalism Investigations.

Latin America at the Crossroads Ahead of Big Election Year

April 19, 2018

What does Latin America’s bumper election year hold in store for the continent? A spate of elections will make 2018 decisive for Latin America. As the world marches toward a more conservative and even authoritarian future, this year’s presidential elections — in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica —...

Brazil's Drama of Unpredictability

January 22, 2018

A court decision this week may cost former President Lula da Silva his candidacy in Brazil’s upcoming presidential election. As Brazil braces for its most important election in decades, hopes of stabilization are dwindling. The country is slowly stepping out of an almost three year-long recession, but uncertainty over what...