M. Habib Pashya

M. Habib Pashya is a researcher at the Center of Economic and Law Studies and student of international relations at Islamic University of Indonesia.

Should Indonesia’s Sex Workers Be Protected?

By June, the economic impact of the pandemic had been felt by the most marginalized in Indonesia, particularly sex workers. Restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 meant fewer people paid for sex, resulting in a loss of earnings. Protecting sex workers and ensuring they have access to health care is a priority. Of Human Bonds: Between Sex Work and Trafficking READ MORE In... Continue Reading

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Indonesia’s Balancing Act Between China and Taiwan

On July 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrated its 100th anniversary. During his commemorative speech at Tiananmen Square, President Xi Jinping claimed that China has never oppressed the people of any other country. Xi is clearly ignoring China’s treatment of Taiwan. Since 2016, relations between China and Taiwan have worsened. Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won... Continue Reading

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